Veritech LTD

Theft protection

Device theft during transit can be a significant concern for businesses. Veritech's MDM solution provides effective theft protection by locking your devices while in transit from the warehouse to retail outlets. In the event of theft, our system triggers an alert, allowing you to take immediate action. Additionally, we integrate with geofencing technology, enabling automated unlocking when devices safely arrive at designated locations. With Veritech's theft protection, you can instill confidence in your supply chain management and safeguard your devices against potential losses. Prevent revenue loss and protect your valuable inventory with our reliable theft protection solution, giving you the peace of mind you need to focus on growing your business.


What is Veritech's main focus?

Veritech's main focus is to simplify the device management process for businesses, providing tailored Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions to meet unique needs.

What industries does Veritech cater to?

Veritech caters to a wide range of industries, including but not limited to retail, hospitality, healthcare, education, and corporate sectors.

How can Veritech assist with device financing?

Veritech offers device locking and unlocking services for financing businesses, remotely securing devices with defaulted payments and enabling unlocks upon successful payments.

How does Veritech ensure device security?

Veritech employs industry-leading technology and robust security measures to protect devices and sensitive data from potential threats, ensuring a high level of device security.

What makes Veritech stand out as an MDM solution provider?

Veritech stands out through its customer-centric approach, tailored solutions, dedication to innovation, and commitment to providing excellent support to clients.

Can Veritech prevent device theft during transit?

Yes, Veritech offers effective theft protection by locking devices during transit from the warehouse to retail outlets, ensuring safe and secure delivery.

Does Veritech offer ongoing support for its MDM solutions?

Absolutely! Veritech provides dedicated support throughout the client's journey, offering prompt assistance and addressing any queries or concerns that may arise.

How can businesses ensure their device management aligns with their growth goals?

Veritech's MDM solutions are designed to scale and adapt with your business growth. We work closely with clients to ensure their device management strategy aligns with their evolving business goals.